• Shaoxing XiaoXuanChuang Household Fabric Co., Ltd

    Shaoxing XiaoXuanChuang Household Fabric Co., Ltd established in 1995, engages in household textiles over 20 years. 
    Server for customer, achieve together is our target. ISO 14001 and ISO9001 certification means our attitude, focus on quality control, give the best to customer. 
    For fabric and ready curtain, we have gained almost all certification: SGS, OEKO TEX 100, BV and so on. Each year export nearly sixty million dollars. 
    Our collection contains Voile, Sheer, Jacquard, Burnout, Embroidery, Print and so on. Cover almost all kinds of curtain and sofa fabric. 
    Especially every year have more than 2000 designs authority. Protecting customer, keep their local market benefit much. 
    We don't only need custom but friends abroad. Welcome to visit us, won't let you down

    紹興小軒窗居室用品有限公司 版權所有 2002-2016 浙ICP備15024971號-1

    Fuquan Industrial Park, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province. China


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